Unique Ni-Cu-PGM Project in World-class Sudbury Mining District


  • Three past producing mines: Howland Pit, Robinson Mine and Rosen Mine. 
  • Host rock and mineralization is similar to what is observed at Totten and Victoria.


  • Property covers a 1.5km portion of the offset dyke. 35 - 50m wide steeply dipping to the SE. 
  • Amphibolite-bearing IQD (AIQD) is the host of mineralization on the property. 
  • 4 zones of AIQD extending from surface to >1500m have been identified on the property. 


  • Known mineralization (red boxes) (0.2-1Mt potential) 
  • AMT Targets (yellow circles) (1-5Mt potential) 
  • Blue-sky opportunity (green boxes) (>5Mt potential)

PROGRAM - $3,600,000

  • Initiate drilling following public listing 
  • Expected 12-18 month drill program 
  • 15,000 – 20,000m of planned drilling 
  • Results driven program 
  • Same exploration techniques used to discover both Totten and Victoria


On the Aer-Kidd property the Worthington Offset has a strike length of 1.3km and ranges in width from 10m up to 75m. The offset dyke is dominated by 2 distinct phases, a marginal inclusion-, sulphide-free quartz diorite phase and a inclusion, sulphide-bearing phase (IQD) which is typically restricted to the central portion of the dyke and is the host for most of the mineralization encountered on the property. 

Both disseminated and massive sulphides are encountered on the property and are hosted in zones of IQD that is typically focused in the center of the offset dyke or at locations where the morphology of the dyke abruptly changes. 

Mineralized zones typically occur as pipe-shaped bodies that can extend from surface to depths in excess of 1500+ meters and have surface expression of 25m in width by 100m in length.