>1 trillion dollar value in total historic production and current known reserves

World Class 
Ni-Cu-​PGM Camp

  • 2nd largest Ni camp in the world

  • 125 years of mining history

  • Camp has generated $280B in production value

  • Basin hosts >1.6 Bt @ ~ 1.2% Ni, ~1.0% Cu and ~0.8 g/t Pt+Pd

Productive Camp

  • Since discovery, 11.1 Mt of Ni and 10.8 Mt of Cu have been mined

  • Currently 8 producing underground mines

  • In 2019 alone Vale produced 3,669,000 Mt @ 1.68% Ni, 2.5% Cu, 0.11 oz PGM

  • In 2019 Vale produced 61,639 tonnes of Ni and 91,725 tonnes of Cu.

High-Grade Deposits

  • High-grade, high-tenor ores occur along the contact of the basin, within the footwall and associated with radial and concentric offset dykes

  • Victoria deposit (KGHM) – 14.5Mt @ 2.5% Ni, 2.5% Cu and 7.6 g/t PGM

  • Victoria has an in-situ metals value of $13.0B with ~ $900/t ore


  • World-class mining infrastructure with 2 active mills and 2 smelters (Vale and Glencore)

  • Extensive power and transportation (road and rail) network

  • Highly skilled local mining service industry

Discovery and Development

  • Since 2012, in excess of $6.0B has been invested in the camp

  • Capital investment into development project ($1.0B Onaping Depth)

  • Continued discovery – Norman West: 15Mt High-grade discovery

  • Significant exploration activity – 20+ active drill


Geological evidence suggests a 10 km diameter meteorite struck the Earth 1.85 billion years ago near the present site of Greater Sudbury. The impact created a circular crater 6 km deep and 200 km in diameter below the shallow coastal waters of an ancient continent.

After impact, the crater was partially filled with explosion-related debris, beneath which a vast layer of molten rock several kilometers thick, which formed from the melted Earth’s crust, lined the floor of the ancient crater. Metal-rich liquid separated from the melt rock and sank to the crater floor, forming Sudbury’s famous ores of nickel, copper, platinum and other metals.


Sudbury rivals Norilsk as the world’s largest nickel camp, and it also produces significant amounts of Cu, Co, Pt, Pd, Au, and Ag. The Sudbury mining camp has close to 90 Ni-Cu-PGE deposits, including 14 currently operating mines, over 50 past producers, and several advanced prospects.

The Sudbury Basin is the richest mining district in North America and among the top ten most important globally.

Sudbury accounts for about half the mining activity in Ontario, Canada’s largest mineral producing province. The value of Ontario’s mining sector is about $10 billion annually (2007 figures).